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Implantable Collamer Lens Specialist

Cohen Eye Institute

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Dr. Cohen treats all sorts of vision issues, including moderate to severe myopia that may not be adequately treated by LASIK. For these patients, Dr. Cohen offers implantable Collamer lenses to correct significant myopia and provide patients in the New York City metropolitan area with the clearest vision possible.

Implantable Collamer Lens Q&A

What are implantable Collamer lenses?

Also referred to as ICLs, implantable Collamer lenses are soft, flexible lenses that can be implanted in the eye in front of your natural lens to correct moderate to severe myopia in people with thin corneas who would not be good candidates for LASIK. ICL surgery is considered a type of refractive surgery since it changes the refraction, or the way light is transmitted, inside your eye. The lens itself is made of a special collagen copolymer material designed to be biocompatible.

How are lenses implanted?

The ICL implantation procedure is extremely safe and reliable and it involves making a tiny incision in the eye to enable the foldable lens to be carefully inserted. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis taking about 15 minutes per eye, and it is completely reversible if you do not like the results. Dr. Cohen has extensive experience in implanting ICLs, performing the first ICL procedure in the tri-state area in 2006. Since then, more than 300,000 people have had ICLs implanted to correct their moderate to severe myopia.

Are ICLs better than LASIK?

ICLs offer advantages for patients where LASIK is not the best option. That includes people with severe myopia where removing a portion of the corneal tissue may not result in an optimal outcome as well as those who have thin corneas or who have had prior LASIK surgery, leaving them with reduced corneal thickness.

Are ICLs right for me?

As an experienced refractive surgeon, Dr. Cohen is skilled at identifying the best options for patients with moderate to severe myopia. Following your exam and evaluation, he will discuss all the treatment options available to you so you can feel confident you are making the best and most informed decision about your care.