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Blepharitis Specialist

Cohen Eye Institute

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Dr. Cohen and his team help patients find relief from acute and chronic blepharitis, reducing inflammation and fighting off infection so patients in the New York City metropolitan area can experience clear, comfortable vision without eyelid irritation or other symptoms.

Blepharitis Q&A

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the eyelid.

How can I tell if I have blepharitis?

Blepharitis usually causes specific symptoms that can help your eye doctor determine if you have the condition, including:

  • eyelids that are red or are swollen, either completely or mostly along the edges of one or both lids

  • itching or burning sensations in the eye

  • foreign body sensation (feeling like an object is in your eye)

  • excessive tearing

  • crusty eyelashes after sleeping

  • tears that seem thick or mucousy

  • blurry vision

  • sensitivity to light

What causes eyelid inflammation?

Inflammation can occur on the inside or the outside of the lid (or both). Inflammation that affects the outside portion of the lid where the lashes attach is called anterior blepharitis and it is most commonly caused by bacteria. Inflammation on the inside of the lid, or posterior blepharitis, occurs when the oil glands inside the lids are affected. It often occurs in people with rosacea or dandruff.

How are inflamed eyelids treated?

Some symptoms of blepharitis can be reduced with warm compresses to help remove crusty buildup and reduce inflammation. Massaging the lids lightly can help prevent oily buildup that can cause glands to become inflamed. When an infection is present, prescription eye drops or oral medications can be used to prevent the infection from spreading. Seeing your ophthalmologist is an important part of making sure the condition doesn't progress.

Can blepharitis cause other problems?

In some cases, blepharitis may cause a stye or chalazion to form. Both issues occur when the oil glands become infected or inflamed, resulting in painful bumps or lumps in the eyelid's oil glands. Some people may also develop problems with the tear film, resulting in dry eyes and, if left untreated, possible infection or corneal damage.