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New Jersey LASIK - Choosing Beauty


Tired of Glasses? Investigate New Jersey LASIK

Many who are looking into New Jersey Lasik eye centers for the first time are making an aesthetic choice. You may have grown tired of the look of your glasses or their effect on your self-image. Perhaps wearing glasses doesn’t suit your particular sense of style. Maybe you work in a field where wearing glasses expresses a sense of weakness or lack of ability. For whatever reason, choosing to look into New Jersey LASIK surgery can be a personal aesthetic choice, and one with more benefits than you can imagine!

Of course, one might balk at having LASIK for beauty reasons. The truth is, however, that though you may feel you are making a choice just to improve your looks, it is not about looking good. It’s about feeling good and feeling like your most complete self. After all, searching for a healthy, positive self-image is not vanity. Choosing New Jersey LASIK can be a constructive and positive choice. 

The Power of Change

Being concerned with your personal presentation is part and parcel of being a success in this image-conscious age. Moreover, incorporating a branding element into your personal presentation can be the edge you need to succeed. Putting effort into what you wear, keeping your home or apartment presentable, getting a new haircut – these are all valid, socially-acceptable choices. Much like the decision to have New Jersey LASIK surgery, it’s about fulfilling your potential and putting your best foot forward.

Fortunately, getting New Jersey LASIK today is a safe and easy experience in the hands of one of the most advanced and skilled New Jersey LASIK surgeons, Ilan Cohen MD of 5th Avenue Eye Center. With the landmark progress that has been made in the field of laser vision correction in the last several years, your New Jersey LASIK experience can be a completely stress-free and fulfilling one. Surgery itself takes a few minutes, and initial recovery time is usually just a matter of days. In fact, a NJ LASIK procedure can be quicker and easier than many dermatological procedures. 

Begin your Transformation Today!

You can start your Lasik experience by scheduling an initial consultation with our skilled providers. We guide you through the process and provide you with options. Even if you are not a candidate for LASIK, you may be a candidate for an alternative procedure. Whereas other one-stop-shop eye centers only provide one type of LASIK surgery, we specialize in offering a diverse range of surgical options so that our patients feel that they can make a unique decision based on their individual needs.

Your alternatives may include: Implantable Contact Lens, Clear Lensectomy, PRK or perhaps no surgery at all. Only a comprehensive screening exam can determine your candidacy. Be assured that, whatever the case, we will consult with you closely and tailor the process to your needs. Whether your motivation is driven by aesthetics, comfort or medical necessity, our team at 5th Avenue Eye Center is committed to providing quality eye care to you as a New Jersey LASIK surgery patient. 

If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK or alternative laser vision correction options in Old Bridge and Middlesex County, New Jersey, or in NYC, Manhattan, Glendale (Queens) and the greater New York City area, click below to schedule a LASIK consultation with us today. Start to see the world through your own eyes!


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