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Blade and Bladeless LASIK

LASIK eye surgery can change your life, but should you have blade or bladeless LASIK? Is one better than the other? How should you decide?

When it comes to LASIK surgery, there are many complicated terms that people throw around casually. It can be difficult to know what any of it means for you. One very common area of misconception is the difference between blade (traditional) LASIK and bladeless LASIK surgery. Dr. Ilan Cohen, a top New York and New Jersey LASIK surgeon, will try to clear up the terms for you here. 

Traditional (blade) LASIK

Blade, or traditional, LASIK surgery is just what it sounds like. The LASIK surgeon uses a highly specialized instrument, called a microkeratome, to cut a closable, hinged flap on the cornea (outermost layer) of your eye. This flap is then lifted up so that the surgeon can use an excimer laser to correct the misshapen areas of the cornea with pulses of laser energy. The laser is used or 30 to 90 seconds, and then your surgeon will close the corneal flap and it will seal itself within a few seconds. The entire procedure takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

Bladeless (all-laser) LASIK

Bladeless LASIK surgery uses a laser instead of a microkeratome to make the incision for the corneal flap. As with traditional LASIK, the flap is lifted up and the surgeon uses the excimer laser to correct the misshapen cornea. Afterward, the flap is closed and will take up to one minute to heal.

The quality of healing is no different with either procedure and you can go home the same day with normal (and likely vastly improved) vision. You can do everything as you normally would. However, you should avoid swimming and rubbing your eyes for two weeks after both procedures. 

Which LASIK Procedure is Best?

There is no hard and fast answer here. While some doctors argue that lasers are better than blades, both types of LASIK surgery are successful and achieve comparable results.

The decision is best made between you and your LASIK surgeon, since there are so many individual factors to consider. You will need to have your eyes examined in order to determine which method would most benefit your vision. Traditional blade LASIK with a microkeratome is widely believed to be faster and more comfortable for most patients. On the other hand, bladeless LASIK is often considered more precise and less risky. 

At Cohen Eye Institute we don’t prefer one method over the other. Instead, we encourage our LASIK patients to consider every option and make the most informed decision. We will present you with all of our techniques that you qualify for so that you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with. For us, it’s not about making the most money off of every client. It’s about providing the most satisfaction for every client. Watch what our patients have to say about the care they received from Dr. Cohen. 

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