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LASIK Eye Surgery NJ Safety


Is LASIK eye surgery safe?

Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Some patients may be borderline candidates for LASIK eye surgery NJ or NY but be much better served by an alternative laser or non-laser procedure (based on age, specific prescription and other factors). 

Dr. Ilan Cohen’s expertise with all of the different laser technologies and refractive surgeries allows him to offer you the specific procedure that is safest for you. It could be LASIK or an alternative procedure (e.g., LASEK, Implantable Contact Lens, Clear lensectomy, Epi-LASIK, etc.). Compare this to the commercial “LASIK ONLY” centers where you may be offered LASIK as your only option whether or not it’s best for you. Dr. Cohen is also a highly conservative surgeon and will tell you if it may be safer for you to defer surgery or wait for a future technology.


These are the results of an FDA study on patients who had LASIK eye surgery using CustomVue Custom Wavefront LASIK technology. With this newest generation of cutting-edge technology, the goal is not to simply equal the best glasses or contacts, but to exceed the quality of vision with glasses or contacts. The results were excellent:

  • 100% of patients could see well enough after surgery to pass a driver’s test (20/40 or better) without glasses or contact lenses.
  • 98% of patients achieved 20/20 vision or better.
  • 70% of those participants had 20/16 vision or better.
  • Four times as many patients were happy with their night vision after Custom LASIK compared with their pre-surgery glasses and contacts.
  • No one in the FDA study group reported worse night vision after Custom LASIK compared with their pre-surgery glasses and contacts.


Since this FDA study, we have advanced to the third generation of Custom Wavefront LASIK, which has made results even better. Obviously, LASIK is still eye surgery and there are no 100% guarantees in ANY type of surgery. But this FDA data shows how successful Custom Wavefront LASIK can be in the hands of a skilled and experienced board certified ophthalmologist. 

LASIK Surgery Complications 

Most of the complications listed below are extremely unlikely. Keep in mind that most of these complications can still lead eventually to good outcomes if managed properly by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Cohen. Commercial LASIK eye surgery NJ and NY centers are generally too busy with their assembly-line mentalities to manage LASIK complications effectively and they usually refer them out. We believe in managing complications by avoiding them in the first place! We also accept referrals from other surgeons for their complications. 

If you had LASIK eye surgery NJ or NY complication at another center, we will be glad to help you in any way we can towards the optimal medical or surgical resolution of the problem. 

Possible flap-related complications

It seems like such a simple procedure – the surgeon makes a flap on your cornea’s surface, lifts it, zaps the cornea with a laser to reshape it, and replaces the flap. However, mistakes can happen when cutting the flap (with a blade OR a laser), and there is always the possibility of flap complications during or after surgery, particularly if you have placed your eyes in the hands of a surgeon with little experience in LASIK eye surgery NJ or NY.

Here are some examples of flap-related complications:

  • Free flap (irregular flap formation during surgery)
  • Button-hole (Another kind of irregular flap formation during surgery)
  • Flap Striae (flap is displaced)
  • Sands of Sahara (inflammation under flap)
  • Irregular aberrations (optical misalignment induced by the flap and resulting in decreased visual quality)
  • Flap displacement (with or without trauma)
  • Epithelial ingrowth (epithelial cells that normally populate the surface of the cornea grow underneath the flap.)
  • Infection under the flap


It’s important to know that flap complications can happen whether the flap is made with a laser or a blade.

Why Choose Us for LASIK Eye Surgery NJ or NY:

LASIK eye surgery NJ and NY can be a very safe and rewarding experience if you take the time to find the right surgeon for your unique vision problems. Ilan Cohen MD is a board-certified and fellowship-trained cornea and refractive surgeon who has performed tens of thousands of LASIK surgeries with superb results.

We focus on solving your vision problems skillfully and safely. If you have questions or want to learn more about LASIK Eye Surgery or other laser vision correction options, we welcome you to call (212) 764-2020 or (866) 731-3937, or visit us in person. Dr. Ilan Cohen serves NYC, Manhattan, Glendale NY, the greater New York area, Old Bridge, New Jersey, and surrounding Cities.


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