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Choosing a Skilled New York LASIK Surgeon


How to Choose Your LASIK Surgeon


  1. Make sure the New York LASIK surgeon is experienced with and can provide all the different vision correction options. These include LASIK, Implantable Contact Lens, clear lensectomy, PRK, LASEK. This will minimize your risks and get you the best visual results.


  1. Avoid centers that advertise only one type of procedure, 100% of the time. The specific procedure needs to be chosen based on the unique condition of your eyes. This will enable you to get the sharpest vision for the lowest risk.


  1. Choose a New York LASIK surgeon who is recommended by other doctors, preferably other eye care practitioners. They are in the best position to judge the surgeons’ quality of work.


  1. Ask your surgeon this question: “Are you a fellowship trained cornea specialist?” “Where were you trained?”

Why board certified and “fellowship trained”? 

Many physicians can perform LASIK surgery, they don’t even have to be board certified ophthalmologists. Shouldn’t you trust your eyesight to the best New York LASIK surgeon instead of someone who performs LASIK surgery now and then?

The MOST qualified person to perform your surgery is not only board certified, but also fellowship trained. Fellows go through extensive additional training under the guidance of highly-qualified experts in the field of corneal and refractive surgery. This training is unmatched by other training programs. It ensures that your surgeon is equipped to treat diseases of the cornea and that you will receive the highest standard of quality and competency with the best possible outcome.  

Ilan Cohen MD of the Cohen Eye Institute in New York and New Jersey received his cornea and refractive surgery fellowship training at the renowned Vanderbilt University Hospital. He has been featured on CBS, CBNC and Fox news for his innovative surgical techniques.

Three things to avoid:


  1. Don’t choose a vision correction company; instead, research and choose the specific doctor himself. It’s important to find not only the best New York LASIK surgeon, but one you feel the most comfortable with.


  1. Don’t be fooled by celebrity endorsements. Remember that celebrities are paid for doing promotional advertisements, so you may not be able to rely on their endorsement. Research the New York LASIK surgeon himself or herself; be objective rather than dazzled by celebrity reviews.


  1. Avoid anyone who is trying to lure you in with a surprisingly low price for LASIK surgery. Under the care of an experienced and conscientious New York LASIK surgeon, vision correction surgery can be a very rewarding experience. Risk cannot be completely eliminated, however it should be reduced to its absolute minimum with the proper attention from your surgeon

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