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About Cataracts and Today’s Lens Solutions


During cataract surgery New Jersey and NYC, the natural lens of the eye has become cloudy and must be removed and replaced with a new, very soft plastic intraocular lens (IOL). The main question is what type of intraocular lens should be used to replace your natural lens?

The standard intraocular lenses that have been used in cataract surgery New Jersey and New York since the 1970s are called monofocal IOLs. They are designed to give you good distance vision after cataract surgery, but most patients will need to wear reading glasses for up-close  (near) vision.

Today, however, next-generation premium intraocular lenses have been developed to achieve a range of good vision, from near to intermediate to far vision. Each of the lenses uses slightly different principles and technology. Choosing one of these lenses can potentially give you total freedom from glasses after your cataract surgery!

Keep in mind that nothing is wrong with the standard monofocal lenses. In fact, many of our cataract surgery New Jersey and New York patients choose them because they are either not good candidates for the other lenses, or they don’t want to pay the extra costs associated with the next-generation lenses.

The Newest IOLs for Cataract Surgery New Jersey & New York

The newest next-generation intraocular lenses available today for cataract surgery New Jersey or New York each have a slightly different function and no single type of lens is best for every patient. For this reason, your surgeon’s experience with each of these lenses will play an important role in obtaining the right lens for you.

Why Choose Cohen Eye Institute and Ilan Cohen MD?

The choice of the specific intraocular lens needed for your cataract surgery has to be done by you and your doctor, based on your medical condition, visual parameters, other eye conditions and your individual preferences. There are also possible risks, as can be expected with any surgical procedure. In order to determine which IOL will be right for you, we recommend that you choose a cataract surgeon who has extensive experience with every one of these lenses.

Ilan Cohen MD has this extensive experience. He will explain your options for surgery and determine if you are a candidate for premium lenses during your evaluation. After obtaining his medical degree, Dr. Cohen completed a unique Cornea and Refractive Surgery fellowship at the  renowned Vanderbilt University Hospital, which means he is highly skilled in all aspects of  cornea and refractive surgeries. Contact us today at (212) 764-2020 or (866) 731-3937 to be  sure you get the best results from your cataract surgery New Jersey or New York!

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