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Prevent your glasses from fogging with masks!

foggy glasses

If you wear glasses, you understand the struggle with the foggy vision that comes with wearing a mask. Fortunately, we have some easy tips for you to reduce fogging while staying safe!


The only thing you need to prevent your glasses from fogging is soap and water! We recommend using a standard soap, avoid anything that says "sensitive skin" or has lotion in it - they will stick to the lenses and smear.  


Add a single drop of soap to both sides of your lenses, rub it with your fingers, and then rinse it off. It will leave a transparent residue that protects your glasses from the temperature changes.


No soap? No problem! Substitute shaving cream for the same effect!


Another option is to fold a tissue between your mouth and the mask. It will absorb the warm, moist air and prevent your lenses from clouding.  


A third alternative is to use some medical tape to seal the mask around your nose, closing the space where moisture might rise.  Do not use duct, masking, or any other tape not meant for human skin.



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