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Advances in Cataract Surgery

It’s Cataract Awareness Month, so we wanted to discuss some of the more recent advances in cataract surgery and what we’re implementing here at Cohen Eye Institute. 

Improved Implant Options

At Cohen Eye Institute, we always begin our surgical process with a straightforward question. What is the best option for this patient? Premium implants have been available for almost a decade. Each year newer models and lens designs are being developed. Our job is to educate our patients so they can make informed decisions before surgery.

Reviewing Our Implant Options

Understanding FLACS (Femtosecond-Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery)

FLACS uses an ultrafast burst of light energy that is absorbed by optically clear tissue creating cavitation bubbles to incise the target tissue. In conjunction with guidance systems (OCT), the femtosecond laser is used to make precise corneal incisions, corneal relaxing incisions, capsulorhexis (perfectly circular, centered, with exact diameter), and lens fragmentation preceding phacoemulsification.

FLACS offers a high degree of reproducibility. There is less corneal edema at the one-day post-op examination, and the capsulorhexis is more precise and accurate than a manual capsulorhexis. Accurate centration of the capsulorhexis yields better centration of the IOL, which is shown to be correlated to increased refractive stability over time, especially in premium IOLs


Today, surgeons are faced with new challenges due to increased surgical options and techniques. The wide range of surgical options must often be considered to allow for an optimal outcome. As you’re already aware, our patients are expecting more. Our experience demonstrates that a combination of cataract surgery with cornea based procedures is necessary to provide the best outcome.


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